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DKOR Interiors Takes On South Beach Chic

by House Guest

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  • Photo Credit: DKOR Interiors 
  • At DKOR Interiors of Miami, Florida, we pride our self with a focus that begins with the interior design and ends with a greater quality of life for its clients. Our design inspiration always stems from the individual style of our clients allowing us to explore different tastes and styles while keeping true to our innovativeness. Our exciting design process generates creative solutions and aesthetics to each space.

    The Ilona condominium is designed by emerging architect, Chad Oppenheim, known for his influence on modern architecture and design. We knew immediately that our mission would need to incorporate livability and comfort with a modern feel into this South Beach rental.
  • We chose to incorporate the Batons 12 Light Chandelier by LBL Lighting from Wayfair as a centerpiece in the living room. We like to use pieces that are eye catching and leave a lasting impression, this light fixture certainly does that. The height of the piece fills the tall ceiling space perfectly and the artistic design ties a contemporary feel together with the unit's chic Florida vibe.
  • The Mya W Chairs by Calligaris complement the dining room space of our South Beach chic home perfectly. This home was designed with the intention of the client hosting dinner parties for friends and family, so we needed to make sure we incorporated both aesthetics and comfort. These chairs pulled off comfort and a unique, modern feel brilliantly.
  • Rugs are always one of the most important accessories to any room. They pull together the color scheme and furniture without overwhelming the room. This Earth Soft Zebra Rug in grey by NuLOOM is vibrant and beautiful and adds a touch of funkiness to the design aesthetic of the guest bedroom. On top of the rug's aesthetic appeal, it is also soft and comfortable, a requirement that was important to the homeowner.
  • Natural tones express the understated modern elegance of this bedroom area rug. The homeowner wanted to be sure that the master bedroom was a place of calm while still maintaining a modern and stylish look. This Calvin Klein CK18 Lunar Ivory Rug is hand loomed and enjoyable to walk on and look at. The velvet like textural quality allows it to incorporate into this elegant bedroom perfectly.

    The Enta-21 adjustable end table in chrome is perfectly sized and styled for the master bedroom. The side table complements the bedroom's lounge chair and is intended to add a touch of modern design to this calm and chic room. The piece is adjustable which is extremely convenient.
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