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  • Last month, the Wayfair editors scoured endless fields of vintage finds at the Brimfield Antiques Show. From vintage suitcases in every shape and size to boxes filled with salvaged furniture hardware, Brimfield offers an array of options for any DIY project. We decided to dress up a plain vintage suitcase and give it new life as a stylish dog bed! Find out how to make this one-of-a-kind pet bed for less than $30 ​total with our step-by-step instructions below. 
  • Supplies

    1. Pillow (size depends on suitcase)
    2. 1 yard machine-washable fabric
    3. Scissors
    4. Neutral thread
    5. Sewing machine or sewing kit
    6. Vintage suitcase
    7. Zipper (size depends on pillow)
    8. Fabric glue/general glue (optional)
    9. ​Waterproof pillow cover (optional)


    1. Suitcase: $10
    2. Pillow: $10
    3. Fabric/zipper: $5-10
    4. Dog: priceless


    Step 1
    Measure your fabric to the size of your pillow (for example, 16x18 inches). Then, add an additional two inches to each side (then it would be 18x20), and cut two separate pieces of fabric to that size. 

    Step 2
    Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the print facing in. Use pins to secure the edges together by pinning around the border about and inch and a half from the edges, this will leave room for you to sew the seam.

    Step 3
    Use a sewing machine (or sew by hand with a kit) to sew a standard stitch about an inch from the border on three of the sides. 

    Step 4
    Secure the zipper on the remaining open side, making sure the zipper pull faces inward and away from you because the pillowcase is currently inside out. Sew the zipper into place according to zipper instructions or by sewing each side of the zipper to each edge of the pillow. Use a sewing kit to close up any remaining gaps or tricky areas by hand. 

    Step 5
    Turn your newly sewn pillowcase right side out and then stuff the pillow inside. (Optional step: Cover your pillow or stuffing with a waterproof pillow cover before putting into the printed case.) 

    Step 6
    Place your pillow into the suitcase. Use glue or tie fabric around the suitcase hinges to prevent it from closing. 
  • Use a pillow instead of stuffing if your dog tends to dig around—this will help prevent tearing. When sewing a zipper enclosure, make sure the zipper size is large enough to fit the pillow through. 

  • Add the finishing touch with a customized luggage tag with your dog's name on the handle of the suitcase, or display fun travel stickers on the back of the case!

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