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by Amy Christie

Amy Christie is the maker of the blog This Heart of Mine, a place where all the things she makes and all the things she loves come together. Her site is filled with doable DIYs, delicious recipes, and stories and photos from the real life of a wife and mother of two exuberant children. Amy currently resides in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with her family.

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  • Photo: Amy Christie
  • Now, I have to be honest. I do not possess a green thumb. This does not, however, diminish my adoration of small green plants. I go all mushy just like the next person. They are so cute!
  • Photo: Amy Christie
  • Little green succulents make the sweetest gifts for friends. So, I created these equally darling brown paper bag planters to gift them in. Or you can display them in your own home. The cuteness level is out of control, and it's an upcycling project. It's a win all the way around.
  • Photo: Amy Christie
  • Here's what you'll need:

    1. ​Mini potted succulents or plants
    2. Brown paper sacks or brown kraft paper
    3. Cylindrical object (a toilet paper or paper towel roll will work)
    4. Hot glue gun
    5. Paint and ribbon, optional
  • Photos: Amy Christie
  • Here's how to make it:

    First, find a cylindrical object that closely matches the diameter of the plant pots. Try cylinder mailers, paper towel rolls, and wrapping paper rolls.

    When you've found the right size, cut a strip of brown paper that's double the height of the pot and long enough to wrap all the way around with a little extra. For my little pots, those dimensions were 3 1/2 inches x 7 1/2 inches. Add any decorative details at this time. I covered my paper in stripes and polka dots.

    Fold over one of the long sides by a 1/2 inch to create a clean edge for the bag.

    Wrap the paper around the cylindrical object and secure it with hot glue.
  • Photos: Amy Christie
  • Adjust the paper on the cylindrical object so the paper covers the whole pot. Cut the overhang into strips. Fold the strips into the middle and lay them as flat as possible.

    Cut a circle slightly narrower than the pot base's diameter to create a clean-looking base that holds the flaps in place. Using hot glue, cover the base flaps with the circle of paper.
  • Photos: Amy Christie
  • Then pop the plant inside! Remember to remove the pots before watering so the paper doesn't get soggy.

    Aren't they just the cutest?! Your friends will love them! 
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