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by Laurel Stavros

Laurel Stavros is the DIY-er and party crafter at the blog, A Bubbly Life. She believes DIY does not have to be perfect- it should be fun. While DIY-ing she can often be found jamming to a Glee playlist and sipping red wine. Despite her common attire of paint clothes, she also blogs about her fashion crushes and firmly believes one can never have too many pairs of shoes.

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  • diy sparkly kids party hats
    Photo: Laurel Stavros
  • Party hats are such a fun addition to any party, and kid's love them! My girl loves to pretend she is a fairy princess with this gold star hat. (She also likes to make me wear one.) They're simple to make, and you can change it up to match most any theme.


    Party hat*
    Glue gun
    Gold glitter paper (or any colored/designed paper to match your party theme)
    Star puncher
    Pipe cleaner

    *You can either purchase party hats or make your own. I made mine from some heavy cardstock using a template I found on the internet and purchased elastic. All you need is some glue to put it all together!
  • diy kids sparkly party hats
    Photos: Laurel Stavros
  • Directions:

    Using the star puncher, punch out stars from the glittery paper. Hot glue the stars to your party hat in any pattern. For the top, I decided to do a matching star using a pipe cleaner- just bend to make a star shape! Stick the pipe cleaner into the top of the hat, and you are done!
    Pick up some additional supplies (right) to round out your party theme: star luminaires (with LED lights of course!) fairy dust, tulle poufs, star candles for the cake, and a personalized cake that lasts forever--they can keep on celebrating!
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