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by Kathy Woodard

Kathy Woodard has been in home and garden design since 1988. Single mom of five kids, she knows what she's talking about when it comes to tight budgets! Kathy shares expert advice on her websites: The Budget Decorator and The Garden Glove. She's a home decor stylist for Galtime and has served as a decorating expert for Lifetime TV. Kathy has written for Country Woman and HGTV's decorating newsletter. When not writing or caring for her children, she loves gardening, decorating, photography, reading, and spending time in the outdoors.

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  • Who doesn't need a place in their own home that they can leave the stress of everyday life behind? Turn your bathroom into a spa retreat and indulge in an anxiety free zone each and every day! Think as if you were designing a celebrity bath--you deserve the same luxurious surroundings. (But you can do it without the Hollywood price tag.)
    Here are step-by-step instructions for DIY-ing a spa bathroom on a budget!
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  • Step One: Set the Scene

    The first step to creating your spa bath is to set the scene for relaxation, comfort, and indulgence. The best way to do that?
    1. Remove everything from the bathroom, and I mean everything!
    2. Clean everything so it sparkles.
    3. Paint everything, including the baseboards, ceilings, and if necessary, the cabinets for a fresh look. To keep the spa feel light and airy, paint it white or a pale, cool color. Blues, pinks, and lavenders are always a great combos with white. Stay away from greens however, they cast an unflattering light on the skin. (No leading lady wants that!)

    Step Two: Introduce Supporting Characters

    Here is where you add the items that will make or break your spa bath, the supporting characters.
    1. Include towel racks within reach of your tub and shower, storage solutions for your cosmetics and sundries, and robe hooks for easy access.
    2. Make sure clutter is kept under wraps. 
  • Step Three: Add the Main Characters

    When choosing the "main characters" for your spa bath, cover all five senses.
    1. Splurge on some new thick towels displayed in textured baskets and a new bath rug.
    2. Luscious scented candles displayed on glass or mirrored dishes will give your spa the resort feel. Mix one or two more expensive candles with several from the discount store to save money. Just be sure to stay in the same scent "family."
    3. Nothing beats fresh flowers on the counter. These can be a grocery store bouquet displayed in a homey crock from the kitchen or just some greens collected from your own backyard.
    4. Keep a dish of dark chocolates for bath time at the ready. And don't forget the red wine!

    Step Four: Enjoy the Awards! (Um, I mean, rewards!)

    Now is your chance to fill the tub and soak away your day in your own personal spa. Use a homemade salt scrub to really indulge on a budget! Here's how: Mix together 1/3 cup honey with 1/2 cup olive oil, then add 3/4 cup coarse salt. Add essential oils of your choosing. Seal it up in a pretty jar.

    Extra Tip: Make sure you keep a container of bathroom cleaning wipes under the sink. Nothing makes a spa bath less desirable than a little bit of bathroom grime, so keep up on the upkeep! Taking this extra step will ensure your spa retreat is ready for you after even the longest day!

    Meet Kathy at her websites, TheBudgetDecorator.com, DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com and TheGardenGlove.com for more great home and garden ideas!

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