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  • The 4th of July may be over, but you can use patriotic decorations for several other holidays: Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents' Day! Whenever you're entertaining on a patriotic day, this DIY is a perfect way to celebrate.

    Whether it's carrying food from a buffet line or finding space on a picnic blanket, utensils can easily slip out onto the floor or be left behind altogether. Why not create a utensil carrier for guests to make dining that much easier (and patriotic)?! We made ours from simple supplies: brown paper bags, colorful tape, and gingham napkins. Here's how:
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  • With a paper bag turned folded end up, cut down the middle of the bag until an inch above the bottom fold. Fan out the cut top layer at an angle and fold back. Turn the bag over and (see back photo above) fold about an inch of the bag to the back. Use decorative tape to secure the bag into a tight pocket, and to add a little flair.
  • Photo: MJ
    Turn the bag over to the other side and straighten out the front. A bold napkin (red, white, and blue; gingham; stars and stripes) infuses color into the mix. Slip one around the utensils and place them all inside the bag. Add a small flag for guests to wave during the party or pop in a sparkler for some fun into the late evening!

    ​Whether you're spending the holiday in the backyard with family and friends or sneaking away with the one you love, take two minutes to create these party bags. They add another festive touch to the celebration.

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