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     Last month the Wayfair editors packed up and headed to Western Massachusetts for the day to browse and trend spot at The Brimfield Antique Show. This show is one of the largest antique and flea markets on the East Coast and happens three times a year. (Mark your calendars!)

    For this particular trip, editors were challenged to find something amazing and it give it new life in their homes. Each editor was given $30 to spend shopping and could use no more than $10 worth of supplies to remake their find. 

    Given the location, New England coastal motifs and nautical decor are in abundance at Brimfield. For this particular project, we were inspired by these beautiful painted oars we saw while shopping (left) as well as many stunning designs from Pinterest and especially the beautiful, handcrafted designs from Norquay Co.

    Read on to see these how we paired three vintage oars with beautiful graphic prints to create a stunning focal wall in a beach house bedroom.

  • supplies


    1. 3 used rowing oars 
    2. Fine grit sandpaper 
    3. Painter's tape
    4. Acrylic paint
    5. Paint brushes (varying sizes)
    6. Clear spray paint, gloss finish 
    7. Black rope or paracord (optional)
    8. Nails (for hanging oars)
    9. Drop cloth (for painting and spraying)


    1. 3 rowing oars, varying sizes and shapes ($30)
    2. We had all of the supplies for this project on hand with the exception of the clear gloss spray paint ($5.99)

  • painting


    Step 1
    Start with the color palette and design. We pulled our color palette from the artwork wanted to hang alongside the oars. The designs were inspired by painted oars we've seen on Pinterest.

    Step 2
    Lightly sand the blades of the oars with a fine grit sandpaper. This helps to smooth out places the oars may have been chipped and gives the paint a better surface to adhere to. 

    Step 3
    Tape off the design for each paddle with painter's tape. Some designs will have to be done in stages. Make sure to measure twice to make sure you're getting the right line and angle. 

  • Step 4
    Paint the oars according to your design. We gave each color three or more coats of paint to ensure a rich color. Remove the painter's tape before the paint completely dries to prevent the paint from chipping or pulling away with the tape. ​

    Step 5
    Once you're happy with the design and color, apply a coat of clear gloss spray paint to each oar blade to seal and protect the paint. 

    Step 6
    As a finishing touch, we wrapped black paracord at different points along the shafts of the oars. 

    Hanging the Oars

    We painted 2 inch carpentry nails black and used three nails to hang each oar. We placed one nail at the throat of the paddle (where the shaft meets the blade) and two nails right below the grip of the oar (one on the top and one on the bottom) to hold the oar in place. 
  • Looking for a new color palette? One of the easiest and best places to start is with wall art you love. Pick three to five colors from that piece of art and get decorating.

  • This beach house bedroom was neglected—when you spend most of the time outside on the deck, why decorate the bedroom? By creating an eye-catching focal point, we've turned this once-forgotten room into a coastal haven. The painted oars pair perfectly with three bright whimsical prints (from printmakers Roo Kee Roo) for a fun twist on classic coastal style décor. 
  • If you want a new look but don't know where to start, try moving artwork around in your home! The artwork will feel fresh in a new room, and this project is practically free.

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