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by Laurel Stavros

Laurel Stavros is the DIY-er and party crafter at the blog, A Bubbly Life. She believes DIY does not have to be perfect- it should be fun. While DIY-ing she can often be found jamming to a Glee playlist and sipping red wine. Despite her common attire of paint clothes, she also blogs about her fashion crushes and firmly believes one can never have too many pairs of shoes.

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  • nursery diy art
    Photos: Laurel Stavros
  • This simple and oh-so-cute DIY is a perfect gift for any mom or mom-to-be. To personalize it, just change the color of the frame, the type of flashcards, and the clips to match the theme of the nursery or kids' room.

    For my daughter's nursery, I chose a white frame and French flashcards to match her nusery's delicate French-themed decor. I also spelled out "love u" with the flashcards.

    For another nursery, I painted a frame kelly green and chose colorful flashcards. The parents had just returned from volunteering with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, so spelling out "te amo" with the cards was a cute little touch.

    You can get creative and spell out any words you want—your baby's name, your last name, a short saying—just remember some sets don't repeat letters. 

    Here's how you can make one of your own:

    Staple gun

    • Remove all backing materials from frame
    • Measure twine to fit frame and cut to desired length
    • Staple the string onto back of frame. The cards and clips do cause the string to hang down a bit, keep this in mind when you are spacing the two lines of string.
    • Hang the flash cards, and voila! 
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