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  • Photo: Lidy Dipert
  • ​Wood is one of those materials I love to work with. There are so many fun things you can create for the home! This year, I made a handy mixed wood cutting board for the kitchen—it's almost too pretty to use! This would make for a fabulous gift, too. 
  • Photo: Lidy Dipert

    ​What you need:

    1. Table saw
    2. Wood glue
    3. Clamps
    4. Drill press
    5. Belt sander
    6. Router (with a straight bit)
    7. Orbital sander 
    8. Fine and extra fine grit sand paper
    9. Spoon oil (can be made with beeswax and coconut oil)
    10. Foam brush
    11. Cloth

    • Arrange strips of hardwood in a pattern of your choice. Wood glue the joints together and clamp firmly for the recommended glue drying time. After glue has dried, use a miter jig on the table saw to trim the ends of the cutting board.

      2. To make the handle, use the drill press with a forstner bit. I used a 1 1/2 inch bit.

      3. Use the belt sander to make the face of the cutting board flush.

      4. Use a straight bit on the router to create the lip around the cutting board edge. You can also use one with a roller guide or a router table. Use the orbital sander with medium to fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surfaces of the cutting board.

      ​5. Hand sand the whole cutting board with fine to extra fine sandpaper. Heat up the spoon oil (equal parts beeswax and coconut oil) and use foam brush to apply on cutting board. Rub vigorously with cloth to penetrate the wood fibers and buff out. Because the spoon oil is natural, it's food safe too! 
  • Photo: Lidy Dipert
  • I love the final product! It has an overall warm and rustic feel, plus it's handmade! You can also loop a simple leather strip through the handle if you want to hang it on the wall. It's not only useful in the kitchen, but a beautiful addition for all to see! I've also included some great kitchen accessories in the sidebar to go with your new DIY cutting board! 
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