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  • Photo: Elena Sullivan
  • Raise your hand if you've ever lost your rings in your own home. (It's good to know I'm not alone!) For me it always happens while I'm cooking dinner. I slip the rings off, set them on the counter, and then panic an hour later when I realize that they're not on my finger. Good news! I've come up with a great DIY solution: small colorful dishes where I can park my jewelry when I need to remove it.
  • Photo: Elena Sullivan
  • All you need for this project is spray paint and some inexpensive white bowls. I like to use a variety of sizes but my favorite are small condiment bowls. (See link below.)

    Begin by washing and drying your bowls, removing any stickers along the way.
  • Photo: Elena Sullivan
  • Now you're ready to paint. I used spray paint I had lying around the house and it seemed to work pretty well. If you're buying paint specifically for this project be sure to read the label so you know if it's compatible with porcelain or ceramic.
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    Photo: Elena Sullivan

    ​I start with the inside of the bowl, spraying in thin, even coats. I usually do two or three, waiting for each one to dry thoroughly before doing the next.

    ​When the inside is dry, turn the bowl over and paint the outside with another color following the same method from above. (You can also leave one side white as I've done below.)

    The great thing about this project is that you can get creative with your color combinations. I'm currently in a big blue and gold phase so I went with those.

  • Photo: Elena Sullivan
  • To achieve a nice ring of color around the edge I like to spray some paint on a piece of cardboard and place the bowl face down in the wet paint. You can see the result in the image above.

    ​I now have these sprinkled throughout the house: one next to every sink, a few on my dresser, and one more on my nightstand. I'm happy to report that with a designated spot for my rings I rarely ever misplace them anymore.
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