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by Laurel Stavros

Laurel Stavros is the DIY-er and party crafter at the blog, A Bubbly Life. She believes DIY does not have to be perfect- it should be fun. While DIY-ing she can often be found jamming to a Glee playlist and sipping red wine. Despite her common attire of paint clothes, she also blogs about her fashion crushes and firmly believes one can never have too many pairs of shoes.

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  • Photo: Laurel Stavros
  • This adorable bunny cupcake stand will be the center of attention at your Easter brunch this year!

    Here are the materials you'll need:
    Bunny decorative accent
    Small plate (like a teacup saucer)
    Super glue
    Spray paint (optional)
  • Photo: Laurel Stavros
  • Here's how to make your cupcake stand:
    You need a bunny with a flat surface on its head of (about half an inch square) to hold the plate steady. If the only flat surface is the tips of the cute bunny's ears, it will not work. Stores are filled with bunnies for the Easter holiday, so bring along your plate to test balance for the perfect bunny.
    You can spray paint the bunny and plate any color you like—pastels are great for the season! I kept mine white. If you do spray paint the plate, remember it's not food safe and you will need a surface (like a cupcake wrapper) between the food and the plate when serving food on it.
    Super glue the bunny head to the bottom of the plate. (Other glues will work, but only if you are willing to hold it in place yourself for a long time.) Allow to dry and bond for a few hours.
    When creating crafts and decorating for Easter, I am ALL about the bunny. I think they are the cutest little buggers around. My Wayfair picks are all bunnies this month, and they are adorable enough to hang out after Easter too!
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