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by Sarah Khandjian

Sarah Khandjian is the crafty maker behind the DIY lifestyle blog Sarah Hearts. She is a graphic designer with a passion for creating cute things. When not blogging or making something cute, Sarah can be found at the barn with her horse (her other passion).

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    Photo: Sarah Khandjian
  • Fall is officially here and it's time to start welcoming autumn into your home. This season, swap traditional fall hues for a modern palette. Think of adding warm grays and soft greens to your fall decor to create a refreshing contemporary look.
    Carry this modern aesthetic to your table decor by creating a simple candle centerpiece. Paint dipped candles create a modern and organic look, while faux (or real) pumpkins in muted colors add the perfect fall touch.
    To create your own dipped candle centerpiece you will need:
    1. Large pillar candles
    2. Craft paint in two colors
    3. Medium-sized flat paintbrush
    4. Two paper bowls
    5. Popsicle sticks
    6. Candle plate
    7. Faux pumpkins, in various sizes and colors
  • DIY demo
    ​Photos: Sarah Khandjian
  • How To:

    1. Add the first color of craft paint to one of the paper bowls. Dilute the paint by adding about a tablespoon of water. Use a popsicle stick to mix the paint and water. Depending on the thickness of the paint, you may need to add more water.

    2. Roll a candle in the paint mixture. Continue rotating the candle until all sides are covered. The paint should be uneven and have lots of texture. Repeat this step with the other candles.

    3. Place the candles upright on top of two popsicle sticks (so they don't stick to the paper) and let them dry over night.

    4. Use the brush and other craft paint to coat the bottom edges of the candles in a contrasting or complementary color. Rotate the candle as you paint to create smooth, even strokes. Place the candles upside down and allow to dry.

    5. Once the candles are completely dry, place them on the candle plate and arrange the faux pumpkins around the candles.
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    ​Photo: Sarah Khandjian
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