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by Sarah Sarna

Live The Life You Dream About is a lifestyle blog written by Manhattan-based interior designer Sarah Sarna. Centered on Sarah’s belief that design is about embracing life and how we want to live it, Live The Life You Dream About provides style, interior design, fashion, and lifestyle inspiration.

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  • Photo: Sarah Sarna
  • Rather than buying seasonal napkins for your table, create your own custom design. Anything you can imagine can be draw directly onto the napkins with fabric crayons or pastels. Once ironed, your napkin design is done! With this simple DIY, napkins you and your dinner companions will love can be made in minutes.
  • Photos: Sarah Sarna
  • Supplies

    1. Iron
    2. White cotton or linen dinner napkins
    3. Fabric crayons or pastels
    4. Scrap piece of paper (for practicing and ironing)
  • Photo: Sarah Sarna


    1. As practice, write your desired word on paper. Practice makes perfect, so keep writing trying different fonts and colors until you find a style you prefer. (In doing this I realized I wanted to draw in blue, rather than green.)

    2. Draw on the napkin with the crayon or pastel.

    3. Place a scrap piece of paper over the drawing, and iron on top of the paper to seal the design into the napkin.

    Now your napkin design is permanent, and you can style it on the table! 

  • If you're a little more adventurous, create designs on the plain napkins—polka dots, chevron, stripes, quatrefoil—are easy-to-master but popular patterns.

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