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    Stud finder 
    Tape measure 
    Nail gun 

    6d and 8d finish nails 
    3⁄4-inch-thick shelving stock (without pre-drilled holes) 
    1x3 pine
    Wood screws 
    L-brackets (optional) 
    Finish materials

  • Difficulty: Easy    
    Time to Complete: 1-2 Hours

    This simple DIY project will help you double the storage potential in a small linen or pantry closet. If you are looking to maximize your closet storage with a quick project, this one's for you. These shelves are perfect for light loads in closets with a span of 36 inches or less, and the 1x3 furring strips are inexpensive and easy to install.

    1. Measure from the floor up 15 inches and mark a level line on the back wall and the side walls of your closet space. Repeat level lines every 12 inches up from original line to establish the space between shelves (repeat four times for an 80-inch-tall closet).

    2. Measure, and cut 1x3 strips to fit along the length of back of the wall, flush into each corner. Then cut 1x3 strips to fit the depth of the side walls so they are flush up against the back wall strips. The side strips should be cut four inches short of the inside wall, or around six inches from the closet door track. (See above image)

    3. Align the tops of the 1x3 strips with level lines on wall and fasten to walls with a nail gun at studs. If you cannot hit a stud, use a self-driving metal anchor with machine screws every 10 inches.

    4. Cut melamine-coated shelving stock (without pre-drilled holes) to fit the length of the back wall. To determine the shelf depth measure the side walls and subtract four inches, shelves should match the length of the side wall 1x3 strips.

    5. ​Slide shelves into place on top of 1x3 strips.
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