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  • Last month, our editors took a day trip to Western Massachusetts for the largest and most popular antique show in the country: the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show. While trend spotting (and shopping, of course!), editors were challenged to find something for $30 or less, and remake it into something new using less than $10 of supplies. 

    During our hunt we came across a sturdy, old wood checkerboard. With undeniable character and potential to be something great, find out how we transformed this homemade game board into a versatile and functional everyday accent. 
  • Supplies

    1. Game board 
    2. Gold metallic spray paint
    3. 2 metal boat cleats 
    4. 4 screws
    5. Drill


    1. $20 Checkerboard
    2. $5.69 Boat Cleat (x2)
    3. Extras: metallic paint, drill, and screws (x4)

    Total Cost: About $30

  • Instructions

    Step 1
    Wipe down the checkerboard with a wood cleaner. If desired, apply a finish to protect the wood and add a hint of shine. 

    Step 2

    For now, place the game board off to the side. Take the boat cleats and screws outside to paint. Choose a spray paint color that complements your decor. We chose to paint the silver boat cleats gold to create a sophisticated-glam look. Place cleats and screws on top of newspaper or a drop cloth before spraying. Follow instructions on can for painting. 

    Step 3
    After you've finished painting the boat cleats, apply a layer of paint to the top of the screws. (You want to spray paint the top of the screws so they match the new color of the boat cleat.) It's best to lay them on their side. Spray paint them once, and then roll them over 180 degrees to ensure the entire top surface is covered. 

    Step 4
    Once the paint has dried, bring your supplies back inside and prepare the drill. Make sure the drill bit is appropriate for the size screws you'll be using. Place each cleat on the board where you want them and mark a dot with a pencil through each opening. Remove the cleat and drill two pilot holes for your screws. 

    Step 5
    Place the boat cleats back into position and use a hand screwdriver or screwdriver drill bit to drill the screws into place. 

    Final Look: And voilà! Now you have yourself a one-of-a-kind decorative tray. Whether you choose to use it as a serving piece, to corral odds and ends, or display flowers and books, this tray will most definitely leave a lasting impression. 

  • If boat cleats aren't your style, cabinet and drawer hardware will also do the trick!

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