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by Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham lives outside of Atlanta with her husband Sam and two little girls, Matilda and Phoebe. When she's not working in her most prized role, you can find her blogging. Her blog focuses on family, food, design, and everything in between. She and her husband are currently fixing up a 1910 farmhouse which occupies most of their free time these days.

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  • Photo: Branca
  • The summer days are heating up and there's something gloriously tropical and transporting about a stylish outdoor umbrella. Whether it takes you to the Italian coast or to an exclusive tropical resort, here's to creating a little escape in your own backyard. Hope these gorgeous inspiration photos help inspire your outdoor spaces! I've included links to some of my favorite options for glamorous shade for each look. (You can see the full array of umbrella options here if you'd like to peruse for yourself) Stay cool!

    There's just something super sophisticated about a white umbrella, and I love it mixed with a graphic black and white stripe against the softness of an English garden. All you need is a cup of tea and a Jane Austen novel.
  • Photo: Houzz
  • If you're lucky enough to have a pool, then chances are you're in need of an umbrella or two. Thatched umbrellas can go "bad tiki" real quick, but set against this modern backdrop and mixed with the vintage iron chairs, it's a win.
  • Photo: Better Homes & Gardens
  • I'm aware that within this post there is a stripes theme. What can you do? They're definitely my favorite outdoor print. This time I'm taking it directly to the striped umbrella. This blue reminds me of the Almafi coast, and I can't find a thing wrong with that. I also love the Hamptons feel of this space.
  • Photo: Real Simple
  • Personally, I don't find cantiliver umbrellas to be as attractive as a market umbrella, but you can't deny the awesomeness of the amount of shade they put out. This simple look with hip wire furniture takes the cantilevered umbrella from functional to chic.
  • Photo: Habitually Chic
  • Yellow is the happiest color and it doesn't need much to compete with it. A bolt of sunshine in the form of this umbrella would brighten up the cloudiest of days. Is this the most serene place or what? I love the subtle orange tones mixed in as well. Blissful.

    ​Happy summer!
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