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  • valentine's colors
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  • Why not stay in this year and have a romantic dinner for two? No crowded restaurants, just peace, quiet, and a lot of romance. Create an intimate setting with four elegant themes—vintage, romantic chic, Hollywood glamour, and French provincial. Set up a table that will have your love swooning this year.
  • vintage table
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  • Vintage

    Nothing throws you back to the glorious days of dapper romance better than a vintage-themed table. Soft rose, orange, gold, and cream instantly transport you to a simpler time when love was more than enough to sustain you. Throw in some chocolate covered strawberries, a vase filled with roses, and let the bubbly flow.

  • Romantic Chic

    Soft lighting, gilded dishes, candelabras, and just the slightest hint of teal set the stage for a dreamy, chic, and stunning table. Share this evening with someone you love and let the focus be on you (and not bold colors). This is a perfect outdoor tablescape under the stars. What could be more romantic?
  • old hollywood glam
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  • Hollywood Glamour

    Old Hollywood was an era when people took their time to get things right (whether it's love or a dazzling table setting) and was always a bit extravagant. Create a romance-filled Hollywood ambience by incorporating shiny silver with rich purple hues—lilac, lavender, orchid. Layer your table with textures, including sparkles or silks, to pique the senses.

  • french provincial
    Photo: Lover.ly
  • French Provincial

    If you can't take your beloved to the South of France, create a table that will bring France to you. Rich jewel-toned flowers on a tabletop of rose and cream linens will look stunning against nature's backdrop. But don't fret, if you can't take the party outside, fill the room with lots of flickering candles for the same effect. With just a bucket of chilled champagne and light, airy croissants, you're transported to a land filled with romance.

    Valentine's Day is a holiday to express yourself and have a little fun with the menu and décor. Use your imagination, creativity, and color to create the most romantic Valentine's this year. 
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