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by Carly Anderson

Carly is a new mom, teacher, fashion experimenter, makeup junkie, and recipe tester who just moved her little family to their first real house. She is having a blast decorating and entertaining in their beautiful new space….and can regularly be found sitting in the backyard with a glass of sangria.

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  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Creating a special space for you little one, it's every mom-to-be's dream! It can get a little challenging when your square footage is limited. By planning carefully and following a few simple pieces of advice you can create an original and beautiful space that still gives you enough room to pace back and forth during those early sleepless nights!
  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Use a Dresser as a Changing Table

    Changing table? A necessity. And you'll need a dresser for all those adorable teeny tiny outfits you'll be receiving at your baby shower! Instead of buying a separate changing table use a changing table cushion with a custom cover to match your scheme without taking up any extra space. The dresser will be the perfect height for diaper changes!
  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Install Vertical Shelving

    Instead of using bulky bookshelves or a low-to-the-ground toy chest to display your little one's first toys, install vertical shelving. Those toys aren't going to be used for awhile, and the shelves will keep you from cluttering up your precious floor space. Plus, they look adorable!
  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Invest in Stylish Storage

    Those things that are going to be on the floor? Storage, storage, storage. Invest in baskets, buckets, bins, whichever matches your aesthetic. If everything has a place to be tucked away, it will be much easier to keep things clean. In a small space, a little clutter looks like a big disaster!
  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Set the Tone with an Area Rug

    Get an area rug that matches your crib bedding. Using the same colors from the crib to the floor will make the room look bigger. Plus the design will flow nicely! Try to stay within the same color scheme, and remember: light colors always make a space look bigger. A black rug? Shrinks a room instantly!
  • Photo: Carly Anderson
  • Organize in Advance

    Organize your supplies in advance. When everything is prepared, the room will stay clean. It will be easier to maneuver those first few nights in your cozy nursery.

    Most importantly, rest while you can! Once your little one arrives, you're on their schedule.
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