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by Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity Kmetzsch, an interior designer with a love of remodeling, shares tons of decorating ideas and problem-solving tips on her popular blog, Remodelaholic. A Remodelaholic through and through, both Cassity and her husband Justin have remodeled four homes together. One of the things that she loves the most? Reinventing and recycling pieces or building leftovers that she already has on hand. Cassity has two young daughters that she hopes to teach her remodeling ways just as soon as they are able to!

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  • As the chill creeps around your front door, stay cozy inside with good company and good food. Winter calls for comfort foods—favorites that your mother or grandmother used to make, the meals that just taste like home. If you're looking for cold weather comfort but want something new, try some twists on classic comfort foods.
  • A New Spin on Soup

    Soup is the ultimate comfort food in my book. Pair it with some fresh rolls and mmm…you'll never want to leave home again. Combine soup with some of your favorite foods with these recipes:

    1. Lasagna soup
    2. Chicken pot pie soup
    3. Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup
    4. Mac and cheese soup
  • Cut Out Calories

    If you've set goals to watch your calories and eat healthier this year, traditional comfort foods are NOT your friend. Try these lightened up, extra-veggie versions to satisfy your cravings without completely ruining your diet:

    1. Shepherd's pie with healthier mashed potatoes
    2. Zucchini lasagna
    3. Spaghetti squash alfredo
    4. Healthy spinach and ricotta pizza
  • Cross Cultural Boundaries

    Get all the comfort of home while taking your tongue globe-hopping! Try one of these non-traditional alternatives to add some variety to your menu:

    1. Moroccan chicken noodle soup (paleo-friendly)
    2. Slow cooker chickpea and sweet potato chili (vegan)
    3. Tex-Mex chicken and dumplings
    4. Caprese grilled cheese sandwich

    Happy cooking, and may you stay warm inside and out! If you're looking for more comfort food recipes, I'd love for you to come visit me over at Remodelaholic
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