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  • Photos: Bombshell Bling
  • Wedding and party planning can get very pricey, so today I'm here to share with you an idea for simple DIY centerpieces that are elegant but dirt cheap. What are these centerpieces made from, you may ask? Coffee filters! Read on for the simple step-by-step process of how to build these coffee filter flowers!
  • Photos: Bombshell Bling
  • Here's how: 

    1. Purchase coffee filters in two different sizes. Grab the filters and a stapler and you have all of the supplies you need!
    2. Take three to five coffee filters of each size and stack them on top of one another, with the smaller coffee filters on top. Staple them in the center.
    3. Take the top coffee filter and scrunch it up into a tight, crumpled ball.
    4. Now grab the next coffee filter layer and scrunch it up around the first filter.
  • Photos: Bombshell Bling
  • You can make coffee filter flowers in a variety of sizes and densities, depending on which size and how many filters you use. The fullest flower shown below is large and small coffee filters stacked on top of one another, as shown in the photo tutorial. The other flowers were made with all one size of coffee filter—one with large filters and one with small filters.
  • Photos: Bombshell Bling
  • All that is left to do is to arrange them on your beautiful tablescape to add a romantic and elegant flair. Perfect for dinner parties, bridal or baby showers, or even weddings—and they cost almost nothing!
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