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by Marni Katz

Marni Elyse Katz is the blogger behind StyleCarrot, a blog devoted to art and décor with a contemporary bent, along with a sprinkling of street style. A Boston-based writer and editor, Katz is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, Boston Globe Magazine, and Boston Home. You can follow @StyleCarrot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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  • Hi, it's Marni Katz of StyleCarrot. I have a confession. Even though I lived in D.C. for over three years, I never went to the Mall to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. They're pretty, but it's so much pink. I suppose it's too much of a good thing, for me. I do love them in small doses though. A few branches in a simple vase, or on a sophisticated, high quality wall covering. Here are examples of cherry blossoms done right.

    In the Entry
  • The restrained pattern of the wallpaper is perfect in the entryway of this Southern home on the above left. The subtle mint colored door complements the pale pink blooms, and the tall branches add a sense of height to the overall space. Finally, gold accents dress it up a touch.One of the most popular wallpaper patterns on the market is "Flowering Quince" by Clarence House. It's strong, and can easily overwhelm, but artist Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of "A Bloomsbury Life" blog, whose Los Angeles area home you see on the above right, just goes with it. The red stair runner and a bench covered in hot pick and burgundy ikat adds to the chaos in the best way.

    In the Bedroom
  • Photo Credit: Shoebox Decor; Domino
  • Little girls love their pink flowers. This cherry blossom wallpaper is at once girly and grownup, making major redecorating unnecessary, even in teendom.

    You may have seen this application of Clarence House "Flowering Quince," as it's an oft-blogged image from Dominomagazine. I never tire of it, however. The vibrant pattern is offset with sweet linens (small scale print and scalloped edges) and what looks to be raw linen with ticking for the bed curtains. Brilliant.

    In the Powder Room
  • Boston-based interior designer Kristine Mullaney transforms a conservative powder room with dark wood vanity and gilt-edged mirror into a jewel-box of a room with Clarence House "Flowering Quince" in pink and green on the walls and a coordinating green grasscloth covering on the ceiling.This Scandinavian-style powder room is eye-poppingly cheerful, its walls swathed in Marimekko's "Lumi Marja" wallpaper in hot pink.

    In the Living Room
  • Photo Credit: Aparat ; RizzoliNgoc Minh Ngo
  • Washington, D.C.-based designer Frank Babb Randolph makes use of his hometown's favorite branches in the pared down living room on the left. In the room on the right, photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo, a fuller bunch of brances echoes the more vibrant, bohemian decor. In both spaces, the branches add height, texture, and a dash of soft color.

    On the Table
  • As you can see, branches in varying stages of bloom make wonderful substitutes for traditional floral arrangements. And, if you're lucky enough to have trees in your yard, you can clip them for free!

    In the Yard
  • Photo Credit: Johnsen Landscapes
  • If a proliferation of pink blooms in the manner of our Capital makes you giddy, plant a bunch. These spectacular specimens highlight the columned architecture to perfection.

    What's your favorite use of cherry blossoms?

    - Marni
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