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by Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity Kmetzsch, an interior designer with a love of remodeling, shares tons of decorating ideas and problem-solving tips on her popular blog, Remodelaholic. A Remodelaholic through and through, both Cassity and her husband Justin have remodeled four homes together. One of the things that she loves the most? Reinventing and recycling pieces or building leftovers that she already has on hand. Cassity has two young daughters that she hopes to teach her remodeling ways just as soon as they are able to!

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  • Spring is coming! Depending on where you are in the country, that might be hard to believe with the waves of snow and cold. But one way or another, spring always comes eventually. And with spring, new life, change, and COLOR!

    Bright flowers blooming, fresh leaves on the trees, it's all just colorful and wonderful. And you can reflect the beauty of Mother Nature in your home with some of the same bright colors. Take a stroll outside, see which colors call out to you, and bring that color home—either with the actual flora, a faux version, or by letting them inspire a few decor updates.

    Start with something simple like a pillow, vase, or piece of art. In the kitchen or bath, try a hand towel or photo frame. If you're really loving on the color you've chosen, paint an accent wall. (I have paint recommendations for just about every color as part of our Remodelaholic Color Files to help you choose.)

    ​Go for bold patterns, simple solids, or somewhere in between. Remember to make your decor what YOU love! Here are the three colors I'm loving this spring: 
  • Purple

    You may have heard, Pantone named radiant orchid as the 2014 color of the year. Purples in general are definitely a trend to watch for and bring into your home for spring—think lilacs, tulips, and crocuses! (Or is it croci?) Those petite purple flowers can be the inspiration for adding some violet accents to your home. Explore all of the shades from lavender to plum!
  • Yellow

    Yellow always has and always will be a happy color. Daffodils are one of my favorite signs of spring. I love yellow so much that I painted my Swedish Mora clock, the focal point of my living room, a bright sunshine shade. Make a statement by building your own clock (tutorial here) or try a few lovely yellow accents around your home. 
  • Bright Blue

    In one shade or another, blue is always at the top of the color lists. I love the drama of a deep navy. Robin's-egg blue is a classic soothing blue. But this spring, the medium-toned bright blues (like cornflowers and morning glory) are calling to me.

  • ​What colors are inspiring you this spring?
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