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  • Check out the summer recipes, decorative DIY's, and more that our Homemakers have for you. Read their posts from the week of June 9, 2104, below.
  • Basil Watermelon Lemonade by Lipgloss and Crayons

    Hot summer temperatures call for refreshing, cold drinks, right? I've been experimenting with flavored lemonades and here is my current favorite: Basil Watermelon Lemonade. It's robust, sweet, perfect for warm afternoons. Looking for an adult beverage? Add a splash of vodka and champagne to this, it's divine... Read More

  • DIY Geometric Ombre Peg Board by A Bubbly Life

    I decided I needed a pegboard to help me organize the office and it was a no brainer that I would paint it and add some much needed A Bubbly Life flair.  I painted a peg board with a heart for my bedroom and loved the look- I decided to go with an ombre geometric look for the office... Read More

  • How to Host a Garden Party for Little Girls by Must Have Mom

    This past weekend I was excited to be able to host a garden party for little girls at my house. Despite having rainy weather all week that moved our party indoors, it was a ton of fun and seeing the look of delight on each little girl's face was so rewarding... Read More

  • Vegetable Quesadillas by For the Love Of

    While we've been progressively cutting down on our meat consumption over the last year, sticking with vegetarian meals for at least 3-4 nights a week, the concept of Meatless Mondays is still relatively new to my parents, especially my dad. Mondays happen to be the day they come over and help watch the kids while I run errands and do some work... Read More

  • DIY Hanging Nail Polish Holder by Savvy Saving Couple

    My wife owns a ton of nail polish. When I say a ton, I mean a TON! She had it stored in containers, bags, and drawers in our bedroom. It was always getting in the way, and way too accesible for our kiddos. We needed a proper place to store it. A place that could be designated for nail polish and nothing else. That's when she asked me if I could design and build her a nail polish holder... Read More

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