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Blog Spotlight: Paper Crafts, Yummy Recipes, and More!

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  • With Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo approaching, our Homemakers have some ideas to help you celebrate in style. They also tackled decorating tips, wedding ideas, and more during the week of April 21, 2014.
  • DIY Tips for the Perfect Gallery Wall by Fresh Idea Studio

    Ok, so there's that big blank wall in your house that stares right at you…every time you walk by it. We all have them. Maybe it's more like a sparse corner calling out. For something. Anything. Every time you glance its way. It feels kind of awkward. And, it's a little overwhelming, so you keep going and try to put it out of your mind. "oh I'll figure it out another day…." Well, today's the day my friend. ... Read More

  • My DIY Bridal Shower Invitations by Crème de la Craft

    My wedding is only two months away so you can imagine how much I've been consumed with DIY wedding craft projects! This is one of my favorites so far. I am having a garden-themed bridal shower and found the perfect invitations from Minted. These were originally save the date cards, but Minted lets you 100% customize their designs which is exactly what I did. ... Read More

  • Breakfast Tacos ... Easy "Street" for Cinco de Mayo by Jacolyn Murphy

    We are "taking it to the street" for
    Cinco de Mayo this year...  Breakfast street size tacos to please all tastes en la familia... The Acapulco Street ... scrambled eggs, chorizo, cotija cheese and HOT green sauce if you dare... Read More

  • mommy coupons
    Photo: Kori Clark

    Mommy Coupons by Kori Clark

    I love this time of the month when I can share a printable of my own, AND also share some other great printable options from some of my favorite ladies!! This month, we  wanted to share something for Mother's Day or Father's Day. While I have a few things up my sleeve still, I decided to make this design a Mother's Day printable! ... Read More

  • Black Bean Brownies by Greetings from Texas

    Yesterday I happened to have the Dr. Oz show playing in the living room while I was in my office. Only half listening my ears perked up when they started talking about brownies - in typical Dr. Oz fashion, black bean brownies. A quick google search later I had printed this recipe from The Minimalist Baker. (I ended up adapting it heavily. My recipe isn't vegan among other changes.) ... Read More

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