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Blog Spotlight: Painted Cabinets, Ribs Recipe, and More!

  • Take a peek at the renovation projects, DIY crafts, and more our Homemakers have in store for you! Read their posts from the week of June 2, 2014, below.
  • Painted Kitchen Cabinets by Chris Loves Julia

    What a difference some paint makes! Bloggers Chris and Julia have been working on a remodel of their kitchen. Check out their amazing before and after photos showing off their gorgeous painted cabinetry.

    They used white for the upper cabinets and a soft grey for the lower. 

  • The Best Barbecue Ribs Recipe by Crazy Adventures in Parenting

    Summer means time to grill! If you want to throw a rack of ribs over the fire, Lisa has a tasty and simple recipe for you to make your ribs fall right off the bone.

    Use her tips to tenderize and flavor your meat. You can even make them the night before if you're entertaining. 

  • Beach-Inspired Bridesmaid Invitations by A Fabulous Fete

    These lovely bridesmaid invitations are made from a paper with a woven texture and a few simple embroidered accent to make a lovely keepsake envelope. 

    Use this beautiful idea to create a special touch for any gift-giving occasion.

  • Fabric Bulletin Board by So Much Better With Age

    Bring extra elegance to your home office by using a foam board and fabric to make a bulletin board. This easy DIY can help bring color or simplicity to any office. A great idea for an inspiration board, and a lower price than a big corkboard.

  • sarah hearts stir stick table runner

    Stir Stick Table Runner by Sarah Hearts

    ​If you do any painting in your house, you probably have a bunch of stir sticks lying around. Sarah Hearts has a great DIY to turn those sticks from trash to a table runner.

    A little stain, a hot glue gun, and you have a lovely piece of decor for your table that only cost a couple of dollars. 

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