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  • We've collected the best from our Homemakers on moving and how to feel at home in a new house. If you're moving this summer, you won't want to miss their tips.
  • Tips for an Easy House Move by Brooklyn Berry Designs

    My parents just moved out of our family home, as in the only house we have ever lived in more than 5 years.  I was 15 years old, just starting high school when we moved into this house.  Through years of school, college semesters away, and summers home this house was my main storage unit for all of my childhood memorabilia. ... Read More

  • Making Buyers Feel at Home by Coordinately Yours

    As I watch our belongings being packed, I'm spending my energy on welcoming the buyers of our home through a welcome letter & housewarming gift. I want to make their transition as effortless & fun as possible... Read More

  • 5 Essential Moving Tips by This Girl's Life Blog

    We are officially 1 week out from the movers hauling all of our stuff out of this house and trucking it across a few states to get to our new home. The reality is though most people are moving themselves and if you are getting ready to move (whether it be local or cross country)  here are some of the moving tips that I have learned over the past 12 years and 4 moves... Read More

  • Photo: Kori Clark

    Custom Home Watercolor by Kori Clark

    I think the magic of the houses is what is most appealing to me… I know that lives, love, and laughter fill the walls of these homes and they are loved. Perhaps it's my homebody personality, but I believe a home full with love is the most beautiful place in the world... Read More

  • 16 Essentials to Remember When Moving by Organizing Life with Less

    Moving can be an overwhelming task when you think about everything that needs to be done. Having gone through a recent move, I have found these ideas to be essential in preparing to move... Read More

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