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Editors' Picks
  • Here are some of our editors' favorite blog posts from our Homemakers from the week of March 24, 2014. From easy floral arrangements to a whole kitchen remodel, these bloggers have get it covered!
  • 3 Simple Floral Arrangements Using Flowers in Your Backyard from The Flair Exchange

    Spring is the perfect time of year to gather blooms that are naturally occurring to spruce up your home. It saves a few pennies and brightens up your home at any moments notice! We created 3 simple flora arrangements using florals we foraged from our backyard. Using a variety of vessels and bloom hues, you can achieve various looks. ... Read More

  • Polka Dot Birthday Party by Love the Day

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am in complete heaven! My two sisters are in town with their munchkins and boy do I love those scrumptious little people. As Macy turns two next month, I thought it the perfect opportunity to throw a little party. She has the most bubbly, bright and happy little personality therefore a colorful polka dot party was mandatory. ... Read More

  • We Did It! Our Kitchen Remodel by Coordinately Yours

    We did it! We survived renovating the entire house & our marriage is stronger than ever. Yes, it took us some time, but our kitchen remodel is {almost} complete! We purchased our home in August of 2012, moving in late October. ... Read More to See the After!

  • Paint Storage Solution by Natalme

    I am trying so hard to stay organized right now, and it's not just my craft room friends. I feel like everything is disorganized in my life right now. I have been back at work full time for over six months now, and I still don't have a regular meal plan for dinner. I still don't have blogging goals set up like I wanted to, and I come home so tired some days I feel like the worst mom ever. ... Read More

  • Grilled Pound Cake with Sweetened Mascarpone & Berries by Sugar & Cloth

    I don't know how often you all try to name stuff, but sometimes I'm just at a loss. Normally I can come up with names for inanimate objects no problem! Random stuffed animals? Almost always named Petry. But when it came to trying to find a shortened, cute name for this grilled pound cake with sweetened mascarpone and berries recipe… I got nothing. ... Read More

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