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by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida, where her large family still resides. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Eventually, she realized her passion for art and design, developing and growing a residential art consulting service which grew into a full service interior design business. She believes your home should be a true reflection of you, and her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a beautiful and personal space.

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Top Picks
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  • One thing I almost always add to my bedroom design schemes is a bench at the end of a bed. Why? Because it softens the lines of the largest piece in the room. A bench somehow breaks up the transition between the rest of the empty space and the bed, and provides a pleasing silhouette when looking at the bed from any angle.
  • Plus, a bench is really practical. You can sit on it while putting your shoes on (if shoes are allowed in the house, that is...). You can store things in some of them, such as blankets, sweatshirts, socks, or food (well, only if you are a kid...). You can place pillows on it or sit and relax anytime.

    bed bench is a good thing to invest in and something that can be moved at any time to another place in the house when you need extra seating.
  • Depending on the size of your bed, you have many options. For a king-size bed, I usually opt for a bench longer than 60 inches. For a full or queen bed, 48-54 inches is good, and even smaller for a twin. While there are no real hard-and-fast rules, a bench that is about two-thirds the width of your bed will look in proportion. Above all, buy what looks good and suits your needs.
  • At the end of a wood bed, something soft with no wood is a good choice, whereas at the end of an upholstered bed or headboard, wood frames can be interesting, as can curvy arms. Again, no rules, just professional opinions, here.
  • Now tell me, what do you think of a bench at the end of a bed?

    - Katie
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