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  • Need inspiration for a bedroom makeover? We have creative ideas and helpful tips to get you started. Whether you're looking for style-specific tips or general decorating advice, you'll find something here for you! Jump start your next project with our top bedroom decorating articles below.
  • luxurious bedroom

    Luxurious Bedroom Decorating

    Get inspired by this sumptuous bedroom design and bring home the look with our editor-approved product picks.


  • the ultimate guide to bedding

    The Ultimate Guide to Bedding

    It's key to pick bedding that meets both your style and comfort needs. We've compiled a list of bedding elements and tips to get you started.


  • dresser top decorating

    5 Tips for Decorating a Dresser Top

    Check out our best design ideas for decorating a dresser.


  • beautify your bedroom

    Beautify Your Bedroom

    From your daily habits to decorating your haven, here's what the editors of Coastal Living recommend for a good night's sleep.


  • how to make a bed

    How to Make a Bed

    There's nothing more luxurious than a cushy bed piled high with cozy blankets and pillows. A perfectly made bed is easy to achieve—​we show you how.


  • over the bed decorating

    5 Ideas for Decorating Over the Bed

    From wall art to decorative plates, try these ideas and add color and personality to the space above your bed.


  • cuddly bed

    How to Make a Cuddly Bed

    Get our best tips for a snuggle-worthy bed. 


  • bedroom area rug

    A Guide to Using Area Rugs in the Bedroom

    Learn how to decorate your space with our five helpful tips and product picks.​


  • bedroom decorating: where to begin

    How to Decorate Your Bedroom: Where to Begin

    Learn how to start your bedroom makeover with these three simple steps from our editors.


  • decorate a bedroom on any budget

    Update Your Bedroom on Any Budget

    Get a refreshed bedroom no matter your price range.


  • nightstand style

    How to Style a Nightstand

    Wake up every morning to a beautiful and functional bedside table with these useful tips.​


  • bedroom chandelier

    4 Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

    Add a unique sparkle to your bedroom with a chandelier! We show you four of our favorite ways to make this striking update.


  • elegant master bedroom

    An Elegant Master Bedroom Update

    Upgrade your master bedroom with the sophisticated look of a wingback bed.


  • top 10 headboards

    Top 10 Queen Headboards

    From metal to upholstery, choose a headboard style that works for you from our must-have product picks.


  • budget bedroom

    Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

    Redesign your bedroom for less than $600 with these editor-approved picks.


  • romantic bedroom

    Soft and Romantic Master Bedroom

    Our editors show you how to get the look of this serene bedroom.


  • top 10 nightstands

    Top 10 Nightstands

    Our editors pick their favorite nightstands for all budgets and styles.


  • country bedroom

    Decorate a Country Bedroom

    Layer on textures in this all neutral bedroom to create a cozy feel.​


  • harmonizing colors in the bedroom

    Bedroom: Harmonizing Colors

    From our This Old House shop, steal the style of this eye-catching bedroom, which is decorated in rich, high-contrast shades.


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