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  • ​Know where to spend your budget for the biggest boost to your property value. If you've been making do with what you have rather than going after what you really want, now may be the time to rethink that position – especially if you're tired of living with an outdated bathroom. Bathrooms are a more manageable job than kitchens, and a few small changes can have have a big impact.
  • Separate Tub and Shower
    Among the top 10 features that builders include in new houses are a separate tub and shower in the master – but if there's not space for both, opt for just a shower. Unlike in the master, realtors and builders usually recommend keeping the tub in a shared bathroom.
  • Deluxe Shower
    People value a wide functionality in showers. Steam showers and multiple shower heads are worth it if you have the space and money to install them. TOTO offers showers with AeroJet+ Technology, which transforms your shower into a luxurious experience while conserving water.
  • Soaking Tub
    Most customers looking for hydrotherapy these days prefer air tubs to jetted tubs. Air tubs have little holes all the way around rather than fewer large jets. They break less often, self-clean, and provide gentler, more even turbulence. The freestanding style is most popular with its sculpted, versatile look.
  • Double Vanity
    Whether in the master or in the hall bath, double vanities are close to imperative these days. A double vanity will help avoid the battle for counter space, but might not be possible if bathroom space is limited – most require 55 inches or more. Pair your expanded countertop with TOTO's Vivian Alta High-Efficiency Faucet, offered with stylish cross handles or inclusive-design lever handles for ease of use by people of all ages. 
  • Medicine Cabinets
    Invaluable for stashing prescriptions and toiletries, medicine cabinets have gotten a facelift. Tuck them behind fashionable frameless mirrors, with the hinges hidden. Among new features available are anti-fog mirrors, concealed outlets, and locking refrigerated cabinets.
  • High Quality Lighting
    A bathroom will look a lot more expensive than it is if you use a good-quality lighting fixture. You may or may not want a light over your mirror, but make sure to illuminate the sides. You should always have a light at chin height for shaving or putting on makeup. 
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  • Trendy Tile
    The most visible real estate in this room is usually dominated by tile. For a budget renovation, try using paints to refresh existing tiles. For longer-term solutions, there's a multitude of fresh design choices. Try using super trendy glass tile on an accent wall or as a decorative strip around the shower.
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