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  • Hi there! It's Dana from The Broke-Ass Bride -- you may remember my last post on throwing your dream wedding in your very own backyard. Well, I'm back again and we're talking all about Halloween weddings!

    I'm gonna let you in on a little weddings savings secret. Getting married in the off-season will save you a bundle. In late October, wedding season is winding down even in the biggest metro areas and there are serious savings to be had! Wedding venues known for their blooms in the spring will have much better prices once the leaves start to drop. Wedding vendors, like photographers and planners, are getting a little antsy about the remainder of their fiscal year and are more likely to start offering discounts.
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  • I've always loved a gorgeous autumn wedding -- fall colors, cool, crisp weather, longer nights, not to mention the myriad layering opportunities for a blushing (read: chilly) bride. It can all feel quite magical. Plus, you can save a nice wad of cash by taking advantage of the surplus of fab fall decor, or fresh pumpkins and gourds -- both options make for beautiful, seasonal centerpiece decor that's much more affordable than custom floral arrangements.

    There are a multitude of different routes to take for a fall wedding. Autumn is of course, rife with holiday weekends, but if you're up for something completely different, Halloween provides the perfect excuse for your wedding to be a little zany -- or extremely zany, depending on your taste as a couple! If you and your beloved are obsessed with old horror movies, zombies, or the films of Tim Burton, why not throw an unforgettable themed Halloween fete?
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  • If the idea of all your wedding guests dressed up like it's the day of the dead doesn't thrill you, you can always play it safe by confining the overly festive elements into your food and décor. Decorate with large jack-o-lanterns—serve a bright orange or mutant green punch. Serve cake pops with jack-o-lantern faces. Any recipe you can find for Halloween party cocktails, sweet treats, or finger foods will work just as well at your wedding!
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  • Of course, if your tastes are a little more gothic than most, a late October/Halloween wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate bold pops of black, and more serious, somber tones into your decor scheme. Want to rock a black wedding dress? Or get married in full steampunk regalia? Or tie the knot in a stately old graveyard, full of crumbling headstones? People will be less shocked and surprised when your wedding is the weekend before Halloween.

    If you'd like to take advantage of the fall wedding savings, but don't necessarily want your autumn celebration to be at all spooky, simply draw your inspiration from fall colors, apple orchards, corn mazes, wild mushrooms -- whatever part of autumn you love most!
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