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by Marni Katz

Marni Elyse Katz is the blogger behind StyleCarrot, a blog devoted to art and décor with a contemporary bent, along with a sprinkling of street style. A Boston-based writer and editor, Katz is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe, Boston Globe Magazine, and Boston Home. You can follow @StyleCarrot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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  • Photo Credit: Marni Katz
  • Hi, it's Marni Katz from StyleCarrot. Today's topic -- displaying artwork -- is a personal favorite. While some splurge on shoes, my weakness (and my husband's too!) is art. Living in a fairly open apartment means we've had to get creative. We recently filled the walls above our dining banquette, pictured above. I wanted to plan the arrangement on paper, but my husband insisted we wing it. It came out pretty well, right? We still have pieces without homes, but we're making progress. Here are some ideas I gathered along the way.

    1. Mix It Up
  • Photo Credit: Domino
  • Like my gallery wall, this one doesn't have much rhyme or reason. There's a mix of mediums, colors, frames, and sizes. I love the long one at the right; the nightstand is in front of it, but that's ok.

    2. Go With a Grid

  • If you have a series of similar works, or even a bunch of black and white photos you shot yourself, frame and matte them identically, then hang in neat rows.

    3. Hang Vertical
  • Photo Credit: Lonny
  • Don't forget unloved corners. A stray chest or shiny bar cart are perfect anchors around which to create an artistic moment.

    5. Try the Unexpected
  • Photo Credit: House to Home
  • 6. Be Brave with Bookshelves
  • Photo Credit: Katie Lydon Interiors
  • In addition to propping small works on shelves, make use of bookshelf architecture. I love the textural, three-dimensional sense it adds to a room. Check out 34 other rooms with art on bookshelf fronts.

    7. Lay It On Top
  • Photo Credit: Adore Magazine
  • If you're not daring enough to layer colors and patterns, use black and white snapshots in simple silver frames to create a portrait gallery. It will look a lot more interesting atop a fun background than on a plain white wall.

    8. Make a Statement
  • Finally, if you have an expanse of space, make a statement by hanging one singular piece. Have a photo you took on a trip printed on an oversize canvas, or get crafty and attempt a Jackson Pollack-like masterpiece.

    Tell me: what's your way to style art?

    - Marni
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