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  • With fall weather quickly approaching, it's so convenient to have a mudroom to handle those muddy boots and wet umbrellas. If you aren't lucky enough to have a mudroom in your home, you can always make the most of a short wall or entryway. It's easy to do if you choose the right accessories.
    Just because a mudroom is one of the major workhorses in your home doesn't mean it needs to look like one. You just have to pick pieces that function and look great. Here are a few ways to add some personality to your mudroom:
  • 1. Comfortable Seating

    A wooden bench is a logical choice for seating because it creates the perfect space to perch and take your boots on or off. The fact that there's no upholstery to clean is an extra bonus.

    2. Good Lighting

    Lighting is a must. Nobody likes pulling on their coat and shoes (or putting them away) in the dark. A ceiling lantern (above) is an ideal choice. It's not too fussy or too formal for this casual area. 
  • 3. Hanging Hooks and Racks

    Hanging coat racks and hooks are a smart choice for mudroom storage, especially when there's no closet available. They take up virtually no space because they can be hung vertically over a bench, chair, or even a small table.
  • 4. Wall Shelves

    Hanging wall shelves are yet another way to use vertical wall space to your advantage. Create storage space over a bench with a shelf and some rustic bins.

    5. Storage Baskets

    Adding a couple of baskets to your space either under the bench or on the hanging shelves helps keep things tidy and hidden away. It's a great place for extra shoes, sweaters, and hats. A handmade basket always adds a finishing touch.
  • mudroom mirror
  • 6. A Statement Mirror

    It's a known fact that mirrors help make small spaces look bigger. A mirror also gives you the opportunity for a quick glimpse and spot check before you head out the door.
  • 7. A Durable, Comfy Rug

    Rugs not only dress up your entryway, but they help keep the dirt and mud at bay. Be sure to choose one that helps hide the dirt as well as gives your feet a nice cozy place to land while throwing on those rain boots. Indoor/outdoor rugs made of polypropylene are durable and can withstand lots of dirt.
  • mudroom throw
  • 8. A Cozy Throw

    And last but not least, a nice warm blanket can add a little pattern play and color. It can also serve as a cushion if placed on a hard bench or warm you up right when you get home if the day was a little chillier than expected.
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