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  • Photo Credit: A Beach Cottage
  • Hi everyone! This is Liz from Shorely Chic, a blog that's all about embracing the beach chic lifestyle through interior design, fashion, home decor, and entertaining. I live for beach style and have discovered the best way to work into your home is through subtle hints of natural elements brought indoors, and by mirroring the colors, textures, and shapes associated with the coast. Here are my top five picks of how to bring the beach home:

    1. Wherever you can, go natural. Bring the beauty of nature inside with rattan accent furniture, jute or seagrass rugs, and straw decor. Natural pieces keep the look casual, are almost always neutral, and typically very affordable.
  • Photo Credit: Lynn Morgan Design
  • 2. Start with a neutral backdrop. White walls are under appreciated and they bring light into even the darkest rooms. If you're really craving color, consider the lightest shades of blue. I once lived in apartment that got such little light—I lost so much inspiration while I was living there, thank goodness we're out! Now wherever we go, I paint as bright as possible, and it's normally the lightest shades of blues and whites.
  • Photo Credit: Porch Light Interiors
  • 3. Pop in some color! Pick accents in shades of blue, aqua, and coral. Pillowstrays, and art can all be used to get the color in, and interchanged throughout the year :).
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    4. Blend form and function. I love the idea of covering a wall in all of your favorite sunhats—you can even mix it up with your favorite straw hats and fedoras. And if you're actually headed for a day of fun and sun, you can just grab one and go.

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    Photo Credit: House Beautiful
    5. Bring in the seashells. And no, not a bowl of seashell-shaped soap for your bathroom. Place a larger shell atop a bookcase, or scatter a group of smaller ones in with other pieces of decor

  • The key is to create the beach look naturally and slowly over time. Let the light in, use materials from nature, mirror the colors you find at the beach, show off your seashell collections, and most of all, have fun with it!

    If you like what you saw here today, please take a visit to my blog Shorely Chic and check out my Etsy collection here :).

    Stay tuned for my next guest post on how to get the look with the new Coastal Living boutique on Wayfair!

    - Liz
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