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by Sara Azani

Sara, the blogger behind High Fashion 4 Less, blends rustic and luxury charm into her home decor and closet. A blog focusing on fashion-forward styles on a budget, Sara uses vintage-inspired pieces to exude warmth and color into her space and wardrobe. As a sustainability consultant and part-time real estate agent, she loves entertaining friends in her humble abode.

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  • As a thrifty blogger and shopper, I am constantly on the hunt for ways to decorate on a budget. Whether it's a DIY or a sale find, I'm always thinking outside the box with how I can create a high-end look on an affordable dime. Here are my top five tips on how you can also decorate on a budget: 
  • 1. Be Patient

    The worst feeling is buying something you don't love. Take your time to find that statement piece. Make sure to keep all receipts in case you come home and change your mind. I waited almost two years to find the perfect couch (above). It was well worth the wait!

    2. Do Your Research and Read Reviews

    Before you buy something at the store, first check online. Read review of the product if the site has them. When shopping online, I rarely buy anything that doesn't have reviews. Sometimes I have no choice, but it's nice to be able to get an opinion on a product. Be sure to check multiple sites or even ebay for products so that you can compare prices.

    3. Use Inspiration

    Create Pinterest boards to serve as inspiration for your space. I have countless Pinterest boards for each room. Flip through magazines at the library, go visit furniture stores, and check out Instagram (follow me here) for endless inspiration. Having a vision before you dive into home decor can really help you save time and money!
  • 4. Craigstlist is Your Best Friend

    I have had the best luck with Craigsist finds! Sometimes that's where the true gems are. Be sure to set up automatic search alerts—if a keyword comes up in an ad, you will be immediately notified. This gold bar cart (above) was a Craigslist find. So cheap!
  • 5. Shop 'Til You Drop

    Head over to discount retailers and thrift stores to look for items. Find out when stores bring in new inventory and go shopping on those days. Make sure you don't miss out on a new product or good. If you're having second thoughts on an item, buy it and bring it home. You can always return it, but it won't always be there when you go back! This lamp (above) was a thrift find from a second hand store!
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