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by Melissa Coleman

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  • Whether you're getting ready for a low-key barbecue with your close family and friends or planning a neighborhood summer block party, these are the must have grill gadgets to make you the grill master. Okay, at least this ultimate grilling arsenal will make your grilling quicker and easier.

    1. Silicone Pastry Brush

    Of course barbecues wouldn't be barbecues without the sauces. That means this OXO brush makes the list. What I love about this brush is the angled head design. It keeps the bristles off of the countertop when not in use. Plus, the bristles are silicone, so no more picking bristle bits out of your food.

    2. Durable Spatula

    You will definitely want to have a strong and durable spatula like the stainless steel Calphalon slotted turner for all those tasty hamburgers and steaks you'll be grilling up. It even has a handy serrated edge for cutting food.

    3. Grill Thermometer

    This next must have is for all of us who get busy talking with family and friends and forget about our meat on the grill. You know who you are! This Cuisinart wireless grill thermometer alerts you when the meat is done. It's perfect as a barbecue companion. This handy gadget monitors six different types of meat and even has a built-in flashlight for all you late night grillers.

    4. Tongs

    Now, a good pair of tongs is essential for any barbecue. The Grillpro professional tongs are made out of stainless steel, have a soft comfortable grip, and a locking mechanism. All the features you want for a long day of grilling.

    5. BBQ Mitt

    This last essential is something I don't think is thought about too much until you're in the moment and wished you had one. The Charcoal Companion pitt mitt protects your hands and lower arms when you're reaching over the grill. Having a pitt mitt will allow you to handle hot skewers, rotisserie rods, hot pots, and more without the fear of burning yourself. No more singed arm hairs!

    Bring on the smoker, I mean summer! Both!

    What's your favorite grilling gadget?
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