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by Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity Kmetzsch, an interior designer with a love of remodeling, shares tons of decorating ideas and problem-solving tips on her popular blog, Remodelaholic. A Remodelaholic through and through, both Cassity and her husband Justin have remodeled four homes together. One of the things that she loves the most? Reinventing and recycling pieces or building leftovers that she already has on hand. Cassity has two young daughters that she hopes to teach her remodeling ways just as soon as they are able to!

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  • Oh my! Summer is drawing to a close. I love fall, but it's always bittersweet to send the summer fun packing. As the kids start heading back to school, the days get shorter, and the temperatures start to cool off, you can still savor the last bit of summer with some quick DIYs. 
  • bug spray
  • Bug Spray

    The last thing you want tarnishing your memories of summer is a fresh batch of insect bites! Put together a quick batch of homemade all-natural insect repellent and keep the bugs at bay while you enjoy the evening. With the addition lemongrass and eucalyptus oils, this version smells so wonderful that no one will ever know you're wearing bug spray.
  • Comfy Seating

    The best part of summer is working hard on a backyard project and then soaking up some sunny vitamin D while napping. Sew up a hammock and sit (or nap) comfortably. Grab a good book and a cold drink like a...
  • Smoothie

    Smoothies are quick to whip up with whatever you have on hand or have a hankering for. They can even be healthy for you, if you want... or you can add a scoop of ice cream and make it extra creamy! Try this summery tropical smoothie recipe flavored with peaches, pineapples, and limes to keep you cool. 
  • Succulent Planter

    As summer draws to a close, many of the lush green plants and flowers are on their way out, too. A simple DIY hanging garden with hardy succulent plants will green up your porch long after summer blooms have faded. When the weather turns cold, just bring the planter inside to continue enjoying the greenery. 
  • Lantern

    Whether you're hosting a soiree or just enjoying the evening with your family, a simple lantern makes your outdoor space inviting in the twilight. This one was put together with a tin tuna can and thrift store glassware!
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