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by Kim Croisant

Kim Croisant is a wife, nana, and a mommie "again" to her youngest grandchild who was born in 2009. She is his nana by blood, but mommie to him. She hopes to inspire older moms, as well as grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, and of course all mommies as she blogs about life as she sees it while raising her grandson and going through menopause at the same time. You'll enjoy her family-friendly blog and her posts on healthy living and healthy DIYs—such as home remedies and body treatments. Kim also loves to decorate and travel.

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  • Photo: Kim Croisant
  • As summer sets in and nights get warmer, it's the simple things that make life grand...like decorating the front porch for the summertime.

    ​Better yet, maybe a home improvement project is in order! A simple change to the porch floor may be all your front yard needs for a little brightening up. My cottage charm-style porch is where my family gathers in the evenings to watch our little one run around the yard and blow bubbles. Its carefree atmosphere is what our home is all about.

    The front porch sets the stage for your home, so be sure to give it a little extra love. Furnishings that are pretty and practical are ideal for the porch. You'll want to be able to sit outside and read a book, listen to the birds chirp, or watch your children play—so make sure what you choose is comfortable, too.
  • Photo: Kim Croisant
  • Here are five ways to brighten up your front porch for summer:

    • Give it a good clean. Sweep out the cob webs, dust off the rails, and clean the floors. You'll be surprised how your porch will sparkle when it's properly cleaned.

    • Add some greenery. Hang a few potted plants around your porch. I like easy-to-grow asparagus ferns. Select a flower to plant in a pot that has a fragrance for you all to enjoy when sitting outside.

    • Infuse color into the space. Put a few bright waterproof cushions or pillows out, but don't forget to bring them in if it's going to rain. Waterproof or not, you don't want them to ruin any faster.
    • Pick up some vintage pieces. If you can't afford to update everything all at once, combine used items (found at garage sales, flea markets, given to you by friends) and new items. This combo of old and new makes a space feel lived-in.

      5. Set up seating areas. Whether you choose to hang a porch swing or create space for a rocking chair or two, seating invites guests to sit down and stay awhile.

      See how I used these five tips to update my front porch!
  • Photo: Kim Croisant
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