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  • 'Tis the season for gift giving! I love creating handmade treats to give as hostess gifts, to hand out to coworkers, or to simply add an extra touch to a store bought gift. To get you inspired for some DIY gift giving, I'm sharing five of my personal favorite ideas:
  • 1. Festive Bottle Stoppers

    I bought plain, unfinished bottle corks and colored in the stopper with a silver metallic permanent marker, followed by a light brush of glue and matching silver glitter. Once they have dried, a drop of super glue is all you need to hold an ornament in place on top of the stopper. I think they'd look great tied to a bottle of wine for a last-minute hostess gift!
  • 2. Cookie Mix Jars

    Grab a package of chocolate chips from the grocery store; using the recipe on the back measure out all of the dry ingredients, layering them one by one in a mason jar. Next, write the recipe out on a pretty piece of paper and stick it on top of the jar, and finally, adorn the front with a personalized message and some ribbon. How easy is that?
  • 3. Monogrammed Mugs

    I found some plain white over-sized latte mugs for this project. You also need permanent markers and some fun treats to fill the mugs with. Draw a design on the mug with the marker. I practiced free-hand on a piece of paper a couple of times before I started to draw on the mug or you could use a stencil. Once you're done, pop the mug in the oven at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes to set the ink. Then fill the mug with seasonal sweets—I chose peppermint ribbon candy—and tie it up with a ribbon!   
  • 4. Mulling Spice Kits

    This mulling spice kit is a super simple idea that would be great for hostess or teacher gifts—and it'll take you only about five minutes to put together. I purchased some stacking organizers and in each layer added in a different spice: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, anise, allspice, are all common mulling spices you could use. Pick the ones you like best! After the containers were filled, I stacked them back up and tied some whole cinnamon sticks to the container with a festive red ribbon. Consider pairing these with a bottle of red wine, some spice-bags, and a little handwritten note with your favorite mulled-wine recipe!
  • 5. Rhinestone Filled Ornaments

    To make these, I purchased clear ornaments from my local craft store and filled them up with rhinestones in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Then I added a bright pink silk ribbon to the top for hanging. You could also use glitter or strips of cut up paper in various colors—get creative! They would make great adornments for the top of Christmas presents.
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