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by Tan Rutley

Tan Rutley, a teacher/blogger/maker/hugger, is the creator of Squirrelly Minds where she shares DIY creations, recipes, and more to make your life pretty and fun. Her mind never stops thinking, planning, and making (squirrelly mind, get it?) and her projects nearly always leave her covered in glitter or flour. Sometimes both. Tan is an island girl living in Canada's west coast with her husband and overly fluffy kitty Lucy.

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  • ​The 4th of July is coming up, so bring out your stars and stripes and fire up that grill!

    If you're planning the ultimate Independence Day bash, be sure to cover all of your bases. No party is complete without lawn games, awesome décor, and great ways to serve up drinks and food. Check out my essentials for a fun and festive 4th of July party!
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  • Food and Drink

    What and how you serve food and drink is always the star of any party. Make star-shaped cookies with this cookie cutter set, or red, white, and blue striped popsicles in this ingenious popsicle maker (the cover keeps the sticks in places while the popsicle freezes!). Place chips and dip in this wicker and ceramic serving tray and other nibbles in this matching tray.

    Serve drinks in red and/or blue acrylic glasses (safer than glass for outdoors) and pile your food on red, white, and/or blue paper plates, or go custom with 4th of July kids' plates! Fill up these galvanized tubs with ice and bottles ready to crack open, or go all out with a drink dispenser. Serve a clear drink (ice cold water), a red drink (fruit punch), and a blue drink (blueberry lemonade) in each section to stick with the theme!


    Décor always kicks up any party up a level, so why not decorate your backyard in all Americana summer style? This red, white, and blue pleated fan will go perfectly with an American flag. Add bright color to your patio with this red and white striped outdoor rug. Cover your table with a red and white gingham tablecloth. Lastly for when the sun starts to dip, make the evening cozy by hanging these bistro lights.


    Lawn games are a mandatory part of any good backyard bash. Try a game of ladder ball or lawn bowling. If you prefer the good ol' classics, stick to ring toss and bocce ball. A little friendly competition is a great way to bring cheer and laughs to your celebrations.
    Start planning your perfect party, and happy 4th of July!
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