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  • Whip up one of these lunches that are healthy, kid-approved, and a cinch to pack! They all begin with a clever divided storage container that keeps sandwiches from touching veggies—a must for picky eaters. Another factor kids will love is that every meal is finger-food-only. No utensils required (and no utensils accidentally ending up in the trash). Keep reading below to see all four of our delicious ideas, and then shop our editors' lunchtime product picks to the right.​

    Pita Dip Lunch

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    It's no secret that kids love finger food. Make it a meal with this selection of healthy veggies, pita bread, and more. 

    1. Sliced pita bread
    2. Celery sticks
    3. Grape tomatoes
    4. Hummus
    5. Baby carrots
    6. Blueberries
    7. Hard boiled egg
    8. Fruit juice (in reusable drink pouch)

    Tip! Separate ingredients with reusable silicone muffin cups and cover with plastic wrap to keep fresh.

    Brunch for Lunch

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    Breakfast for lunch makes a delicious meal. Lots of fruit (plus a face made from banana slices, chocolate chips, and a strawberry!) make it a sweet lunch that kids will love. Complete the meal with this Healthy Blackberry Smoothie in a reusable drink pouch. 


    1. Mini waffles
    2. Maple syrup for dipping
    3. Granola bar
    4. Half of a banana
    5. Blueberries
    6. Strawberries
    7. Fruit smoothie (in reusable drink pouch)
    8. ​Chocolate chips (optional)

    Tip! Add a little something extra by tucking in a heart-shaped note from Mom or Dad. 

    Sandwich Rolls Lunch

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    Give the traditional sandwich lunch an update with these rolled up sandwich bites made with tortilla, cheese, and turkey. Simply spread mayonnaise on the tortilla, layer the ingredients on top, then roll it up. Slice horizontally into bite-size pieces and then slide a toothpick through each bite to secure. 

    1. Tortilla
    2. Deli turkey
    3. Cheddar cheese (Sliced for the sandwich and in cubes with the veggies.)
    4. Mayonnaise
    5. Baby carrots
    6. Chopped celery
    7. Apple
    8. Ranch dip
    9. Drink of choice (in reusable drink pouch)

    Tip! For a twist on the classic lunchtime sandwich, use a cookie cutter or sandwich cutter to make a cute shape. 

    Pizza Bites Lunch

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    These easy-to-make bites feature three kid-friendly ingredients: pepperoni, cheddar cheese, and tomato on toothpick skewers. Prepare several skewers in seconds for this yummy lunch box take on pizza. ​

    1. Grape tomatoes
    2. Pepperoni
    3. Cheddar cheese
    4. Celery
    5. Grapes
    6. Goldfish crackers
    7. Drink of choice (in reusable drink pouch)

    Tip! Add a simple counting game to your lunch box note for a fun lunchtime activity. 

  • Toothpicks are best for school-aged children around 6 years and up. Make sure your child knows to look for toothpicks before eating, and consider using colorful toothpicks to make sure they are easily visible.

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