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3 Tips for Buying a Mattress (Sponsored)

by Simmons

Sleep better and feel better on one of Simmons mattresses. Simmons has constantly innovated: adding strength in heavy gauge steel, luxury in high performance foams, comfort in elegant pillow tops, and support in re-engineered foundations.

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  • Whether you're buying your first mattress or replacing an old favorite, making the final decision on a new mattress can be a big commitment. The first step is determining what size mattress you need based on your lifestyle, who the mattress is for, and what your future needs will be. A mattress purchase is an investment that will last you for years to come, so we've gathered three tips for buying a mattress that you will love.
  • 1. Comfort
    You want a well-built mattress that gives you great support without compromising comfort. For example, a pillow top mattress provides a plush, cloud-like surface but it also provides the least amount of support. Look for the ideal amount of comfortable cushioning with good support underneath.

    2. Support
    High-performance wrapped coils provide motion separation and back support, while foam offers another form of core back support. The quality of coils determines the quality of the support in a mattress, not necessarily the number of coils. A strong coil system, as opposed to a plush pillow top, will provide the most beneficial back support. 

    3. Durability
    Making an investment in the quality of your mattress will pay off for years into the future. Quality construction, durable foams, and resilient fabrics will ensure the durability of your mattress. 

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