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Arteriors products are a result of a close collaborate effort between the Arteriors Home design team and many manufacturers around the world. Arteriors Home strives to offer unique accessories, furniture, and lighting with timeless appeal and a nod to latest trends. Their goal is to deliver the customer an exceptional product and service experience.

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  • Embracing timeless decor doesn't mean you can't incorporate one or two trending styles into your home. Utlizing small accents and lighting are an excellent way to integrate a new trend in a small, yet impactful, way. Here are three trends we're seeing making waves in the world of interior design right now:

    ​1. Aqua

    Fuse blue and green to create this bright, eye-catching hue, reminiscent of Caribbean waters. The color experts at Pantone note that this deep, luxurious shade of teal is a soft, versatile look. Teal is a sophisticated and refined addition to any room. At the same time, this vibrant hue can offer the right pop of color to enhance any space, especially neutral rooms.

    Tip! Try an aqua lamp to brighten up a nightstand in the bedroom or end table in the living room.

    2. Brass

    The warmth of polished brass is making a comeback. For the past few decades, sleek chrome, nickel, and stainless steel have been all the rage, but brass is back in a big way—it's been spotted everywhere. Brass is both industrial and glamorous, making it a versatile finish option.

    Tip! For a subtle touch of luxe, incorporate brass in small ways, such as the arm of a chair, detailing on a lamp, the handle of an accessory. If you want to go all out, try a brass lampshade or brass end table.

    3. Starburst Motif

    What's old is new again! The starburst motif has been popular in the past, especially in the 1930s and 1950s. But today's interpretations feature a wider range of inspirations and materials, making it even more mainstream than before.

    Tip! A starburst mirror hung over a console table, mantel, or vanity will add a playful and stylish element. For a bold look, try a starburst pendant light in an entryway or over a dining room table.
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