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by Jodi Durr

Jodi is the creative blogger at Meaningful Mama. For Jodi, blogging began as a desire to make her own parenting experience more meaningful and intentional, with the hope to inspire others on their own journey. Her blog includes crafts, parenting tips, recipes, cakes, parties, and holiday ideas. The heart of her blog is a character development series she created to work on capturing the hearts of her children.

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  • car chalkboard diy
    Photo: Meaningful Mama
  • Custom Shape Chalkboard Project

    Creating a unique chalkboard in any silhouette is easier than it may at first appear. A custom chalkboard that matches any theme is a fun idea for bedrooms, offices, parties, or classrooms. Kids will have a great time coloring on a chalkboard made especially for them. Adults, too--this would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for a loved one!
  • car chalkboard diy
    Photo: Meaningful Mama
    • Find an image silhouette you want on the internet, a book, a magazine, or create your own. Project that image onto particle board and trace with a pencil. (We used the back of an old picture frame.) If you don't have a projector, you can get your image printed out to the size you want and use a template to trace it.
    • Use a jigsaw to cut the particle board into your desired shape.
    • Sand the edges.
    • Spray paint with primer first and chalkboard spray paint second. Let it dry in between coats. We did two coats of chalkboard paint.

    Visit Meaningful Mama for tips on how to hang it on the wall and more pictures! You'll also see the design of a fabulous "Race Car Garage Room."
  • front door chalkboard paint diy
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  • Clear Chalkboard Paint Front Door Project

    Are you familiar with clear chalkboard paint? I wasn't aware of this product until recently, and it was a wonderful discovery.
  • chalkboard front door diy
    Photo: Meaningful Mama
  • I have lots of plans for the product (above), but the first thing I thought to do was paint it on my front door. It turned out great! I have been so excited to be able to write messages on my front door to welcome guests. I may write, "Welcome. We are out back." or "Baby sleeping. Please knock lightly." It has been so useful and fun for people to see when they arrive. One warning: This product was not made for outdoor use. We've had no problem with it on our front door and it has been up for months; but it's a covered area.

    This project was so easy I had my 6 year old daughter execute it. Apply one coat vertically. I used a sponge brush. Let it dry an hour. Then, paint one coat horizontally. Let it dry 24 hours before use. Before use, lightly coat entire surface with chalk and erase. It's ready now for your enjoyment. Think of all the fun messages you can write for every occasion and holiday.
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  • frame chalkboard diy
    Photo: Meaningful Mama
  • Antique Framed Chalkboard

    We did a little makeover in our entryway. One of my desires for the space was to have a chalkboard to write reminders. (I may be one of those people who forgets things she is supposed to take as she is walking out of the house.) I wanted an attractive solution to help with reminders and messages for the family. This antique framed chalkboard was my solution. The trick here is that the chalkboard paint is applied directly to the wall with the frame hanging on top of it. 
  • frame chalkboard diy
    Photo: Meaningful Mama
    • Find a frame in a style you like. I wanted an antique look which I modernized with a glossy black finish. I spent forever looking for the perfect frame at Goodwill and garage sales. After never finding exactly what I wanted for the right price, I used one of my 40% off coupons for a new one at a local craft store. I spray-painted it with a gloss black finish.
    • Hang the frame on the wall.
    • With a pencil, roughly trace the inside of the frame, pressing the pencil into the inner edges of the frame as far as it will reach.
    • Apply the chalkboard paint directly to the wall. Let it dry, according to the directions. Re-hang the frame over the top of the chalkboard paint. It's ready for use!
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