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  • Creating a visually interesting art display, no matter your taste, adds pizazz to your home. We've come-up with three fun DIY ways to hang the art you can't live without: clothespins, artist clips, and pant hangers. To start, find (or dust-off!) some art that deserves a special spot on your wall, whether it's posters, thank you cards, or custom prints.
  • ​Photo: Liza Battestin
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    ​Photo: Liza Battestin

    1. How to Hang Art with Clothespins

    Show off adorable thank you cards, postcards, or small-sized prints and photos with this simple display.

    Cost: About $8

    Clothespins (small or large)
    Thick string, such as hemp or rope
    Decorative stickers 
    Favorite photos, cards, or postcards

    Step 1: Cut six pieces of string to your desired length, about four and a half feet long.

    Step 2: Then, divide the six pieces of string into two groups of three. From here, you will want to braid the string to create a thicker rope for durability and strength. The length of the string depends on how many pieces of art you want to hang and where you want to hang it.
    Step 3: Once the string has been braided, evenly space the clothespins. Start pinning from the middle of the braid, working your way toward the end of the rope.
    Step 4: Grab stickers and place them on each clothespin as a decorative accent. Here, we've placed them in the middle of the clothespin so the flowers complement the adorable cards, but you can place them at the top or the bottom, depending upon the size of your sticker.
    Step 5: Try hanging the string above a mantel or along a bedroom wall. Remember you can easily change out all the artwork to keep it fresh.

  • ​Photo: Liza Battestin
  • 2. How to Hang Art with Artist Clips and Plexiglas

    It can cost a pretty penny to have artwork custom framed, but this way is inexpensive and unexpected!

    Cost: $9

    Drawing board clips
    Two sheets of Plexiglas 

    Step 1: Research a local art store that carries Plexiglas: a clear or opaque sheet of acrylic material. Measure the art you want to frame. Add a half of an inch to each side to allow for a border. When at your local art store, ask for two sheets of Plexiglas that size for each piece of art you're looking to frame.
    Step 2: Slide the art in-between the two pieces of Plexiglas and secure the clip in the center of the frame.
    Step 3: Carefully hang your custom frame in any space. (Keep in mind Plexiglas can scratch easily.) This simple frame is a subtle way to add some artistic flair! 
  • Photo: Liza Battestin
  • Wayfair Guides
    Photo: Liza Battestin

    3. How to Hang Art with Pant Hangers

    For this project, it's as easy as reaching into your closet for a pair of pant hangers. We love this unique way to showcase a poster or large print.

    Cost: $6-$12

    Pant hangers
    Decorative paper or posters
    Paint (optional)
    Paint brush (optional)

    Step 1: Find pant hangers at any home goods store or grab some from your closet.

    Step 2: Choose your art! We thought this decorative wrapping paper from our local art store was oh-so-cute!
    Step 3: If desired, paint one of the hangers for a pop of color. Here, we painted one navy blue. Paint two coats for even color. Let dry for at least 20 minutes.
    Step 4: Once dry, clip the pant hangers in the middle of the prints. Hang them next to each other, alone, or mixed in with other art for a gallery-styled wall display. You may want to include a couple glue dots where the hanger clasps the paper to help hold it in place. 

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