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  • Wayfair Black Friday 2013 Recap

    ​Black Friday 2013 has come and gone in a flurry of hot deals and round the clock online shopping. Wayfair.com saw enormous growth this year and as the largest online retailer of home goods, we'd like to share some fun Black Friday stats.
  • Black Friday Shoppers by Hour
  • This graph shows the number of shoppers visiting Wayfair.com each hour, normalized on a scale of 0-1. During peak Black Friday shopping Wayfair.com averaged an order every two seconds! 
  • Black Friday Mobile Growth
  • With smartphones sprouting from every pocket, mobile traffic has been growing exponentially. Mobile visits to Wayfair.com on Black Friday prove this trend with a massive 384% growth compared to Black Friday 2012, outpacing Wayfair's overall Black Friday traffic growth enormously.
  • Black Friday Average Spend by City
  • This graph looks at the average dollar amount of orders of several top cities, normalized on a scale of 0-1. We can see that Miami leads in big basket spending while Minneapolis and Toronto average out to smaller order totals.
  • Black Friday Gender Distribution
  • Here we take a look at the overall gender distribution of orders placed on Black Friday. Women lead in Black Friday home goods purchases claiming about 70% of all orders.
  • Black Friday Gender Distribution by City
  • Not every city has the same gender representation in Black Friday shopping on Wayfair.com. Texas takes the lead with disproportionate percentages of female shoppers, while Miami and Atlanta had more men than women shopping home furnishings and décor this Black Friday.
  • Top Products

    You can see a list of some of the best-selling Black Friday products on Wayfair.com under the Editor's Picks section in the upper right column. Childrens play sets take several of the top ten spots as shoppers get a start on Christmas gifts, while curtains and childrens furniture fill out most of the rest of the top 10.

    Leading the top orders list year is donations to Habitat for Humanity, which help to build decent homes for families in need and supports healthy living, increases children's educational achievements and strengthens community ties. 

    Black Friday 2013 was a record-breaking shopping holiday on many counts... but Cyber Monday is just around the corner and poised to break the records just set on Friday.
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