Special Nonexistent Furniture

  • It's that time of year! The trees are turning green, perennials are rearing their heads, and your home is begging for a little extra life both inside and out. I have a small flower bed, but I've become quite fond of growing plants, flowers, and a garden in containers of various sizes. A collection in pots seems so much easier. Bring them inside for bad weather, toss the plants at the end of the season, reuse the pots next spring! I'm partial to a modern look with sleek lines and a hit of color here or there.

    Here are some of my favorite tips for picking and decorating with pots:
    1. Don't be afraid to mix materials like wood, metal, and ceramic for an eclectic look.
    2. Fill the bottom of each pot with a layer of small rocks, pieces of broken terra cotta pot, or styrofoam peanuts to keep the roots from sitting in water and dying.
    3. There's plenty of space above your line of sight—fill it with hanging pots.
    4. The same goes for your walls, take advantage of all the real estate inside and out of your home.
    5. Pay attention to what vegetation will grow best in your region, as well as what sort of light they prefer.
    6. Feed everything once a month with plant/flower/vegetable food unless otherwise directed.
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