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by Tina Haupert

Tina Haupert blogs at Carrots 'N' Cake, a healthy living and lifestyle blog where she shares her passion for health, food, and fitness. She is also a published author, freelance writer for Health.com, and an ambassador for various brands, including The Laughing Cow, Silk, and Reebok.

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  • If you're struggling to keep your weight loss and fitness resolutions, this quick, high-intensity workout might just be the solution you're looking for!

    This challenging workout will give you a full-body sweat session, guaranteed to burn some serious calories in a short amount of time. It's perfect for busy moms and dads who don't have time to hit the gym.
  • kettlebell workout

    ​All you need for this workout is a kettlebell (I recommend light to mid-weight) or a dumbbell, sneakers, a stopwatch, and a little bit of space, which means you can do this workout at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

    The goal of this workout is to move from one exercise to the next without stopping. Set your timer for 10 minutes and see how many rounds of kettlebell swings, sumo deadlift high pulls, and goblet squats you can do! (One round is completing all three exercises.) Don't be intimidated by the names of these exercises​, they're actually quite simple but give a great workout.

    Are you ready? GO! 

    Unsure of how to do some of these moves above? Check out this video in which I demonstrate the kettlebell swings and goblet squats. This video will teach you how to do the sumo deadlift high pulls.

    Note: please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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