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The Hurom Juicer is a compact and versatile juicer, encompassing all kinds of features and functionalities and is suitable for all situations from families to small commercial juicing environments. Compared to other traditional centrifugal speed juicers, the Hurom juicer retains 60% more nutrients in the juice extracted. With a 80 RPM Single phase induction motor, this masticating juicer produces very little heat and friction unlike centrifugal juicers and also has a self-cleaning mechanism.

It is the ultimate drink making machine and it can make delicious soy drinks, rice, bean and nut drinks and many others without diminishing their natural flavours and nutrition. With 10 year warranty on motor and 5 year on other parts, it is ideal for family use. Functioning on Single Gear Cold Press Juicing technology, the Hurom juicer is user friendly and the most effective juicer to satisfy all the needs of a family pertaining to better and healthy living.


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