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Hunter Dan

Hunter Dan? was created by Dave Ranard of Crawfordsville, Indianain the mid 1990?s. Dave had gotten the idea for a hunting action figure after finding a box of his old childhood toys in his parent?s barn. The box contained some action figures that he and his brother played with when they were young ? General Custer and Geronimo. Dave was impressed with the detail in the accessories of the old action figures and knew if he could design an action figure with modern hunting equipment he might just be onto something. Ranard, an avid sportsman and father of two, kicked the idea around for a couple of years before deciding to make his dream become reality in 1996. His inspiration finally came in the form of a comment made by a lady that Ranard does not know even to this day. Dave was eating lunch at a Pizza Hut restaurant and was sharing his idea of making a hunting themed action figure with good friend, Todd Farris. The lady, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, leaned over and told Dave that he had a great idea and that her husband would definitely want to buy one if they ever became available to the public. That was all Dave needed to hear to help make his decision to dive head first into the hunting/toy industry.